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St. Alphonso’s Pancake Breakfast

Posted by admin on July - 30 - 2011 with 0 Comment  27,753 views

There are probably more than a dozen excuses for why there hasn’t been a blog post for months. Most notably at the top, is the travel. Every other week from Jan 17 to May 13. Braved tornadoes in Alabama during that period. You would think that would be something to write about.

Suppose, the weather could be blamed for not being in the writing zone. You should actually just blame it on my laziness.

The Pancake Nun

St. Alphoneo's Pancake Breakfast

So what apps are you running on your phone, Android or I? Here is a list of few that I’ve been using over the past couple of months that make sense and are worth having.

  1. CardStar – Scan all of those loyalty cards you carry in your wallet, purse, key fobs, etc. and put them on your phone. It doesn’t always scan when I’m at the store, but it still shows your number for the cashier to type in. A little buggy, but better than carrying all those damn cards.
  2. Kroger Coupons – If you have a Plus Card, if you use Kroger’s web site to load digital coupons on your Plus Card, then you’re going to like this app. With the Web site you had to load coupons before you went shopping. With the Kroger app, you can search, view, and load right in the store. If you have a Plus Card there is no reason to NOT use this.
  3. Evernote – If you can see it, or think it, then Evernote can help you remember it. And it’s not just for your phone. It’s on your web browser. It’s on your desktop. So if you see it in a store, you can take a picture of it and store it so you can see it at home. If you’re at home, you can type your shopping list and see it at the store. There are millions of uses for Evernote. I don’t collect business cards anymore. I just take a snapshot of them and put them in Evernote.
What apps do you use with some regularity that you would be willing to share with the world? Speak up. Don’t be shy.

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