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We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

Posted by admin on January - 29 - 2011   17,460 views
Yellow Submarine

For the past year, I’ve been working for clean water and energy, helping to find a cure for muscular dystrophy and fighting childhood cancer.  But I’m not a hero, nor have I exerted much energy. I did it all from the comfort of my office. And all with just a spare computer. At the Valley View Online World Headquarters, there are generally five or six computers running at any one  [ Read More ]

I Could Be In Love My Android Phone

Posted by admin on January - 22 - 2011   14,251 views

I spent the week in Huntsville, AL where the week before they experienced 12 inches of snow. While for the rest of us up north, that kind of event occurs with greater frequency so we’re not inclined to be still be talking about it a week later.  What the hell does this have to do with my Android phone? Two things. Maybe three. One: I always thought that my Blackberry  [ Read More ]

Farmersville Muse Machine Student Musical Member

Posted by admin on December - 27 - 2010   9,144 views

(DAYTON) – Take a journey up beanstalks, down towers, to festivals and all the way to Grandmother’s house this January at the Victoria Theatre as the Muse Machine presents Into the Woods! Among the rising stars in this year’s production is Farmersville student Kathleen Baudendistel. Muse Machine mounts its first Stephen Sondheim production in a year that celebrates the composer and lyricist’s 80th birthday. The smash-hit family musical intertwines the stories of many fairytale  [ Read More ]

Save The Planet. Recycle Your Gadgets.

Posted by admin on December - 27 - 2010   6,237 views

So you got some new gadgets for Christmas and now you don’t need your old ones any more.  Instead of throwing them away or letting them rot in a closet  why don’t you make a little money.  At worst you’ll get $0, but you’ll have less clutter in your life and a little bit of the planet won’t die because of you. Consider that the heavy metals an iPod is  [ Read More ]

Sex Appeal May Have Hurt Sarah Palin

Posted by admin on December - 23 - 2010   5,705 views

And while this article has nothing to do with Sarah Palin, it is kind of the same thing with this new-look blog. In 1996 Valley View Online started as a way to rant about different things, sometimes humorously, sometimes with grave seriousness. Once in a while we threw in some local event that was newsworthy. Quite often we posted football pictures. Those were the years. We garnered lots of traffic  [ Read More ]

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