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In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Baby

Posted by admin on August - 13 - 2011 with 0 Comment  19,814 views

Two amazing things happened this week.

  • Time Warner Wideband Internet

This is massive bandwidth. 50 mbps download speeds, and 5 mbps upload. Why would one need such fast Internet and especially in their house? Because it’s freakin’ fast, man. I’m a big Internet consumer. My work centers around being connected. And in the process, everything in my house, that’s a computer, is connected.

The TiVos are constantly talking across the internal network to the Tivo Server, which is incessantly pulling in RSS feeds from different web programming across the Internet.

Upload - Download Speeds

Our cell phones, because of the tremendously poor signal from T-Mobile (despite a cell tower less than 2 miles away), connect to the mobile network through our internal wireless network, so we can have cell service in our house.

The Skype Server lives only to provide business phone service. And, of course, there are two main workstations that consume bandwidth at any given time during the day.

So all in all, a big bandwidth consumer.  As you can see from the graphic above, download speeds have been averaging over 50 mbps, while uploads are peaking around the 2.75 area. Which brings me to the second amazing thing this week.

  • Time Warner Support

The day after installation, TW called with my own support specialist who gave me a special number to call for Tier 3 support. TW doesn’t have many wideband customers yet, so they’re very intent on making sure those customers they do have are happy. And in cases like above, where they’re not quite hitting the speeds they promise, they want to know so they can fix it.

WTF! TW called me to preempt any problems and if I do I have my own personal Tier 3 support person! I almost didn’t know what to say to Joe when he called. I teared up a little. TW gets Internet support. Or at least little ole’ Dayton wideband division gets it. And maybe it’s because they’re all geeks who know early adopters are all geeks. I don’t even care if that’s not true and they have other motives. I have my own Tier 3 support person.  I just hope I never have to talk to her.

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