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I Could Be In Love My Android Phone

Posted by admin on January - 22 - 2011 with 0 Comment  14,252 views

I spent the week in Huntsville, AL where the week before they experienced 12 inches of snow. While for the rest of us up north, that kind of event occurs with greater frequency so we’re not inclined to be still be talking about it a week later.  What the hell does this have to do with my Android phone?

Two things. Maybe three.

One: I always thought that my Blackberry made me more productive when I was away from my desk. It didn’t have everything I needed, but because I’m chained to email, it let me stay in communications with clients and friends. My new Android phone (HTC Glacier) is like having my entire desktop computer with me at all times. Now I want multi-touch EVERYWHERE!

Two: Apps. Everyone has heard of this ‘apps’ thing since the iPhone came out in 2007. I had apps on my Blackberry, but the screen-size made it different than my Glacier. The 3.8″ screen gives you plenty of real estate to do more than my BB could ever.

Android Man

So the one App everyone who travels should have is Airport Remote. You never have to search for an airport monitor again.  For every connecting flight, I could look up the departure gate AS I LANDED. It made connecting much easier. $3.99. First app I’ve ever paid for.

Three: Android version 2.2 gives you the ability turn your phone into a wireless router.  I spent 3 days in an Army conference room with no ability to connect to their network. My 4G phone now became the only portal to the ‘outside’ world. Turning on the ‘hotspot’ function in my phone gave THREE of us the ability to connect to the Internet.

With only a 2-bar reception, we could still get 1.01mb down and 460k up. Better than most DSL connections and plenty fast enough for us to email and IM our off-site colleagues.  Later trials, with 4-bars of reception, garnered 4.5mb down and 460k up. I streamed Netflix movies waiting for my plane.

More Android phone-fun facts in future posts.

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