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Sex Appeal May Have Hurt Sarah Palin

Posted by admin on December - 23 - 2010 with 0 Comment  5,705 views

And while this article has nothing to do with Sarah Palin, it is kind of the same thing with this new-look blog.

In 1996 Valley View Online started as a way to rant about different things, sometimes humorously, sometimes with grave seriousness. Once in a while we threw in some local event that was newsworthy.

Quite often we posted football pictures. Those were the years. We garnered lots of traffic from Spartan football. 1996, our first year of existence, the Valley View Spartans won their second Division IV State Championship.

Then in ’97, the Spartans one their second straight title, the third in a four-year time span. Traffic to the web site continued to grow. We continued to churn out content.

Over those years we’ve had a few sponsors (Thanks to those this past year!), some people donated money (2), and lots of people provided words of encouragement. For the most part, people came, consumed and left to come back another day. Some consumed and then wanted to know why there wasn’t more (despite not subscribing, donating, or encouraging).

So after years of campaigning for advertisers (who still flock to the Press even with all that non-Valley View news), thousands of words, and as many photos, we are going back to our roots. Whatever that was.

Oh, we’ll still post a lot of photos from local sporting events. Still take submissions from contributing editors. But what we won’t be any longer, is a general information web site about all things Valley View. No business directory. No church directory. Not a place for press releases (although we probably will).

It’s going to be just like a Sarah Palin headline. Nothing related to anything else except for what we feel might be interesting. ┬áIf the rest of the world deems it uninteresting, then we will hope that the next day you will.


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