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Cut the Cord

Posted by admin on September - 8 - 2012 with 0 Comment  37,101 views

If you came here looking for Charlotte Martin or RVIVR lyrics, videos, or mp3s for their song Cut the Cord, then you’re wrong place at the right time.

This is about getting rid of cable TV. Or satellite TV.

Both cable and satellite television are too expensive. Maybe one more than the other, but for the channels that you really watch you pay an astronomical price per channel. Forget that you have 500 channels or more. How many do you really watch?

If you have DVR, TiVo, or some other device to record shows and watch later, you know that you only watch a certain number of TV shows anyway. With a Windows Media Center and and Xbox 360 acting as a media extender, you can push shows all around your house via the local area network. In addition, TiVo and even some satellite DVRs will let you do the same thing.

Cutting the cord doesn’t  mean you eliminate paying for television entertainment. It simple means you only pay for what you want to watch. Here are some alternatives to the high cost of cable.

First is over-the-air free TV. Remember antennas? Remember when this was the only way to get television. The picture from any of the local stations over-the-air is clear, crisp and uncompressed. Not so from your cable company who has to squeeze a lot of the extra moisture out of the signal so they can fit all of those 500+ stations on that little cable.

Set-top boxes: Apple TV, Roku, Boxee, and  Google TV,  all which cost about $100 (give or take), allow you to stream free and paid for free  such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Plus.

Of course the biggest deterrent for some viewers are live sports, however even MLB, the NBA, and the NFL provide programming for a fee.

One of the biggest losers will be those who can’t live without cable’s premium channels. HBO offers a free streaming service, but it’s limited to people who are already paying for TV access with their cable or satellie provider.  iTunes and Amazon have some premium channel shows’ seasons and episodes for purchase, but others, like HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” aren’t available.

Side Note: Because HBO makes it nearly impossible to view “Game of Thrones” unless you subscribe to a cable/satellite provider, the show is the most pirated show in 2012. A problem HBO has brought on themselves because of limited distribution.  25 million downloads so far. Just at $.99 on Amazon or iTunes they could be capturing lost dollars. 

Ok, so you can’t get EVERY network  or series that you would like to see. Then stay with your very expensive cable. But consider how  much you’re paying per REAL CHANNELS that you watch, just to get that one Game Show Network show that you really can’t live without. But if you’re watching GSN, then you’re probably hooked on even the old Match Game reruns. Junkie.

The cable/satellite companies bring on this backlash themselves. If you could order  (and pay) for just the channels you want wouldn’t your TV world be (in the words of Beaver Cleaver), swell? But then you’re subsidizing those itty bitty networks that wouldn’t survive without the subscriber being forced to accept them as a larger package.

Who watches Cloo? Who knows what Cloo is? Who cares? All of their programming can be found on almost any other network, including Netflix, Amazon on Demand, Hulu, Hulu Plus. Why do I need Cloo?

These little networks keep popping up and cable companies keep forcing it upon us and they’re not going to stop until a large majority cut the cord.

But that will never happen. It will continue to be easier for the masses to pay $100 more per month than to try and cobble together their own programming, through their own methods.

I’m not going to take it any more. Thoughts? Questions? Comment below.

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