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How Not To Waste Your Vote: A Mathematical Analysis

Posted by admin on September - 10 - 2016

During this especially contested election, a lot of people are talking about people “wasting” or “throwing away” votes. However, many people who say this do not have a complete grasp of the full mathematical picture – or worse, they are only mentioning the part that supports their position. First let’s define what a “wasted” vote is. Mathematical Definition of Wasted Votes A wasted vote is a vote that provides no  [ Read More ]

Minimum Wage, Again

Posted by admin on May - 17 - 2014

Steve Casey Guest Post Once again we are hearing about a higher minimum wage.  But, basic economics shows that raising the minimum wage is nothing but a feel-good Band-Aid on a festering problem. The strength of any wage is its buying power.  In 1966, the minimum wage was $1.25 per hour.  But gas was only 24.9 cents a gallon.  One hour of minimum wage could buy five gallons of gas!  That $1.25 in 1966 had  [ Read More ]

Cut the Cord

Posted by admin on September - 8 - 2012

If you came here looking for Charlotte Martin or RVIVR lyrics, videos, or mp3s for their song Cut the Cord, then you’re wrong place at the right time. This is about getting rid of cable TV. Or satellite TV. Both cable and satellite television are too expensive. Maybe one more than the other, but for the channels that you really watch you pay an astronomical price per channel. Forget that you have  [ Read More ]

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